Planning a holiday getaway?  Here are top tips from an expert!

Tracey Phillips

Tracey Phillips, in the years she has run a Bed and Breakfast in Westville, has developed some pro-tips for planning the perfect holiday, including how to scope out the accommodation remotely before making your booking.

Family first

Consider the needs of your family.  An area such as Westville is an ideal location for families of all sizes and all ages.  “Family holidays are designed for families to bond and reconnect in a safe and secure environment. No matter the age of your children, a small accommodation venue offers security and with Westville being a quieter suburb, also removes the temptation for older children to sneak out”, explained Tracey.

“Also, consider that after a busy day at the beach, sightseeing or shopping, you can return to a quieter venue to relax and recharge for the next day’s activities.”

Checking the place out before you check-in

Tracey suggests researching the venue and making sure it has the facilities you require for your holiday and reading on-line reviews written by other guests.

“Facebook is also a great way to see which places are popular and what is happening at each establishment,” she said, adding that other sites such as Travelground and Safarinow are also helpful booking sites.

“Word of mouth is also a great way to find out about accommodation, it is surprising who of your friends and family have travelled to the area and had a good experience at a particular venue,” she said.


Shared values

Many venues have won awards in different categories. Check out the website and see if these fit your particular core values.  For instance, for those who are environmentally conscious, knowing a B&B is green accredited is important. For example, Tracey’s own establishment, T&T Bed and Breakfast has such accreditation and won a Lilizela Awards for this.

T&T employs rainwater harvesting, a grey water system, has solar powered lighting, an aquaponics system (which uses fish to produce nutrients to grow their own fruit, veggies and herbs in a closed system and is 100 % organic), and uses environmentally friendly cleaning materials. It also practices recycling both by reducing the waste output and supporting a local school’s recycling project.


What to pack

In the case of smaller establishments like Tracey’s, you can benefit from local knowledge from those who live in the area themselves. “Remember to always pack a t-shirt and jersey when visiting us in Westville,” she advises visitors to T&T.

“Although up country visitors find the weather a lot warmer than the locals, it can get cool in the winter months and sometimes a cold snap can hit unexpectedly at any time of the year.”


Similarly, being Durban, even in the winter months there might be an opportunity to swim. “Always bring your costume as there might be an opportunity for a quick dip in the pool or a leisurely walk along the beach and a swim in the sea,” advises Tracey. “Suntan lotion is a must when visiting us, as even in winter and on overcast days you can still get burnt.”


To find out more about Tracey’s establishment visit the website for T&T B&B or contact them on  031 2671928 or 083 625 4646.

Check availability, rates and book online through their website.

Eve Morris
Photographer and Feature Writer

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