Heaven’s Kitchen feeds the homeless

Kayleigh Symes with some of items donated to her for the homeless people in Pinetown.

KAYLEIGH Symes has made it her mission to feed homeless people in the Pinetown area.

Symes, who resides in Sarnia and is the founder of Heaven’s Kitchen said it breaks her heart to see homeless people who do not have anything to eat.

Heaven’s Kitchen has been in existence for four weeks now.

“I have been planning for three months now to start this soup kitchen. It all started in winter after I saw people lying on the cold roads.

“In the past weeks, we have served them different dishes, depending on what we get.

As the soup kitchen is new, they do not receive any funds but they rely on what people give them.

“I work with a group of volunteers, friends have helped me spread the word and people have been very generous.

Symes said her biggest wish is to have enough to feed them everyday. At the moment they feed the homeless outside the Pinetown Police Station.

“We only feed them on Thursdays, I worry what they eat everyday.

Garth Hattingh who also works with Symes said one can be surprised at how talented homeless people are.

“Not all of them are drug addicts and are lazy. We have interacted with them in the past few weeks, most of them are actually looking for jobs. It is unfortunate conditions that have put them there,” he said.

To assist Heaven’s kitchen, contact Symes on 0792988488 or email [email protected] People can also visit their facebook page, heavens kitchen 3610.

Heaven’s Kitchen wishlist:

A venue



Gas cylinders


A security guard


Sanelisiwe Tsinde

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