Truck drives over parked car

A PINETOWN couple were left dumbfounded when a 4-ton truck drove over the front of their parked vehicle.

The Chatterton’s were about to return home from their shopping trip at a local supermarket when the incident occurred.

“We went inside to do our shopping and there were two empty parking bays on either side of us when we parked. When we came back, the parking bay on the driver’s side was occupied by the truck. We packed our groceries away and had both climbed into the car when it happened,” said Hazel Chatterton.

Chatterton noted they had not yet started their vehicle when the truck pulled out of its parking bay and drove into and over their car.

“Our car is damaged from the driver’s door all the way to the front right hand side of the bonnet. Instead of driving straight out and then turning, the driver just turned out of the parking. Once he had already driven over our car and realised what he had done, he tried to reverse to correct himself. There was just enough space and time for my husband to climb out of the car and tell him to stop. I’m still in shock,” said Hazel. “The only way to remove the truck without damaging our car further is to somehow lift the truck off our car.”

It is the family’s only vehicle and it is not insured.

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Lloyd Mackenzie

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