Help Hope House this November

COMMEMORATE National Adoption Month this November and support Baby Hope House in Pinetown by raising awareness about adoption.

World Adoption Day, on 15 November, was marked as a fundraising opportunity to help support families in their adoption process, and was endorsed by ambassadors from all walks of life who recognise the power and beauty of families brought together through adoption.

Locally, the National Adoption Coalition of South Africa (NACSA), under its umbrella initiative AddOption, launched its Right Way to Adopt campaign on World Adoption Day.

“Ensuring that adoptions take place in a legally compliant manner is crucial in protecting the rights of the child, the birth parents and the adoptive parents. A key focus of NACSA has been on creating positive awareness for the option of adoption and making it accessible to all South Africans,” explained Katinka Pieterse of NACSA.

NACSA has developed various educational materials detailing the correct, seven-step legal process of adoption:
1. Application
2. Orientation
3. Screening
4. Waiting list
5. Identifying child for adoption
6. Legalisation
7. Finalisation

“Adopting a child will change your life forever, and your heart and family will grow in ways you didn’t even know were possible. Admittedly, the adoption process is a melting pot of red tape, emotions, paperwork and patience. But for good reason – finding out if adoption is right for you and getting started on fulfilling your dream of adopting a child to love and provide for is a journey, and at its core is first and foremost the rights and best interest of the child” concluded Katinka.

To help change the lives of children in the Highway area during National Adoption Month, make a donation to Baby Hope House in Pinetown.

The organisation is in need of:

– Donations towards its eThekwini bills.
– Sangenic Tommee Tippee nappy bin liners (available from Baby City).
– Angelcare nappy bin liners (available from Baby City).
– Wet wipes and tissues.
– Nappies sizes 4, 5 and 6.
– Purity vegetables – stages one to toddler.
– Purity Fruit – stages one to toddler .
– Volunteer helpers.
– Nespray.
– Infacare 2.
– Calpol. Prospan. Allergix and Prodol.
– Bonnisan (for reflux/colic).
– Infacare.

The items on its wish list include:
– A vehicle to accommodate six car chairs.
– Additional room for babies.
– Shelving for the pantry.
– A computer.
– Blinds for the office.

Lloyd Mackenzie

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