Romance blooms in Steel’s latest novel

Magic, Danielle Steel, Penguin Random House, ISBN: 978 0 59306 911 0

THE world-renowned author, Danielle Steel’s, latest novel, Magic, will leave stars in your eyes and an undoubtable sparkle in your heart.

It follows the lives of six couples during a tumultuous year of loss and love and is set among the idyllic streets of Paris. The scene is set with the coveted White Dinner that oozes glamour, class and upper crust dining, but entrance is by invitation only. It’s location is a secret and is only announced hours before it is set to take place and is a “bring your own dinner” like no other.


Jean-Philippe and Valerie, a happily married couple with three young children who struggle to balance their successful careers and their family time, are faced with a difficult decision that may just shake their rock solid marriage. Bernadetta and Gregorio have been married for 20 years and are running an empire, but Gregorio’s repeated infidelity brings about devastating consequences this time.

Dharam and Chantal attend the White Dinner and we watch, amused, as their carefully planned romance goes another way entirely. Dharam’s interest is obviously elsewhere and Chantal is content to continue as a successful screenwriter and not meddle with her three grown children. This is where Xavier enters into the mix.

The scenes feel realistic and have just a hint of Steel’s usual darling fluff. There are sweet moments, heart-breaking events and characters that have a fierce sense of family, unyielding morals and the need for self-happiness. Steel describes each destination with fascinating details and you are taken on an around the world adventure from the comfort of your own couch. It is a sweet and uplifting story that will offer a quick escape on a rainy day. – Caitlin Walsh.

Caitlin Walsh

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