Think like a hijacker!

Following the recent spate of hijackings in Pinetown local police have urged the public to take some precautions to protect themselves from would-be-hijackers. Pinetown SAPS communications officer, Capt Bongumusa Manqele, said criminals often use a modus operani or ruse to target their victims.

“Most hijackings occur for the sole purpose of stealing the car. The community can protect themselves by becoming familiar with the methods, ruses and locations commonly used by carjackers.” said Manqele

“The first step of avoiding an attack is to stay alert at all the time and be aware of your environment,” said


The most common attack plans for carjackings are:

The Bump – The attacker bumps the victim’s car from behind, the victim gets out to assess the damage and exchange information and the vehicle is taken.

The Good Samaritan – The attacker stages what appears to be an accident, then the victim will stop to assist and be carjacked.

The Ruse – The vehicle behind the victim flashes its lights or the driver waves to get the victim’s attention. The attacker tries to indicate that there is a problem with the victim’s car, then the victim pulls over and the perpetrators take the car.

The Trap – Carjackers use surveillance to follow the victim home. When the victim pulls into his or her driveway, waiting for the gate to open, the attacker pulls up behind and blocks the victim’s car before carjacking the vehicle.


Manqele added that the motorists can avoid becoming victims: “In all cases, keep your cellphones with you and immediately alert someone regarding your situation.

“Describe the attacker, try to note height, hair and facial hair and complexion of the attacker. Learn to avoid traffic and isolated parking.

“Keep distance between you and the vehicle in front so you can manoeuvre easily if necessary. “When stopped, use your rearview mirrors to stay aware of your surroundings. Always keep the doors locked and windows,” he said.


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