Tune ém – Meet a high functioning awkward individual

Angelique Muller shares her youthful perspective on things.

Hi there!

I’m the new youth column writer for the Highway Mail. I’m going to (hopefully) be entertaining all the youngsters out there with my weekly rants, advice and general ramblings about all sorts of things.

Obviously I need to introduce myself first so here goes!

My name is Angelique Muller. (Not the easiest of names spelling-wise, you’re more than welcome to call me Ang). I’m18 years old and just finished matric at Gelofte School. Yes, I am bilingual. No, I will not be saying something in Afrikaans to prove this.

I’m a four-time beauty pageant winner and ex-model. I like to include this in my CVs as well because it makes people think I’m confident, when in reality I have the social skills of a pot plant.

Writing about myself proved more difficult than riding a horse backwards, so I asked some of my friends to describe me.

The first response I got was: “a high functioning, socially awkward civilian.” After that the general responses ranged around me being funny, sarcastic (most of the time if I seem rude it’s just my sarcasm taking over so I apologise in advance) and full of nonsense. I ain’t arguing with that.

There’s nothing more awkward than writing about yourself. How do you go about it without sounding like the biggest loser?

I hope I somehow managed it. I would love if you guys would tell me about yourselves; it would definitely make me feel better.

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Please get in touch with me! If you have any questions or comments on the column, or just want someone to tell your stories, I’m always available.

Responses and criticism on my articles are always welcome. I’m here to grow as a writer and keep you, the youth of today and the readers, entertained.

Tell me what you would like to read about in my column and I’ll see if I can hook you up.

My email address is [email protected]

I’m so excited for the adventure ahead!

Until next week… ciao!



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Angelique Muller

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