Tune’em – Surviving the pre-uni funk

Angelique Muller

Hey everyone! Last month was probably the most confusing turmoil of emotions ever and I’m pretty sure a lot of you felt the same.

As someone who had just finished school I was in the ultimate in-between phase.

I wasn’t a child anymore, not yet a university student but also not a proper adult earning a steady pay check. It was difficult not to feel guilty; I definitely didn’t bear the torturous fate that was school for the past 12 years only to be spending my new found freedom between the couch and the fridge (the scale was starting to agree with me on that one too).

Also, the boredom started taking over! You don’t realise how many hours there actually are in the day when you’re spending most of them in class.

I found myself taking up hobbies I laughed at others for doing not so long ago; cleaning my room, making dinner and even jogging! (If you knew me well enough you’d understand the direness of it all).

Luckily since last month I’ve managed to get three jobs that keep me fully occupied and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m no longer binge-watching Harry Potter and leaving a me-shaped hole in the couch.

I’m out being as responsible as best as I can, learning most things through trial and error (many times over) and I don’t think I’m doing too badly if I must say so myself.

Hopefully things are going well for all of you too! I know uni classes have just started so I know most of you are very busy.

I wish you the best of luck for the semester ahead! Thank you for all the responses on my first piece!

I felt quite popular with all those emails flooding my inbox, like a small scale celebrity or something. Please tell me what you did to get through your pre-uni funk! Email me at angelique [email protected]

Until next time!



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Angelique Muller

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