Tune ém – Social media’s grip on the youth

Angelique Muller

As a teenager I spend most of my free time glued to my phone, even in my not-so-free time, I always find opportunities to quickly check Facebook. I know I’m not the only one; I couldn’t possibly have inspired every parent in the world’s complaints on my own.

Social media plays a huge part in modern day society, more so among us youngsters.

Our popularity is based on likes and comments; I’m almost embarrassed to admit I used to delete photos off my account if they didn’t get a certain number of likes in a certain time period.


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I don’t do it anymore because I couldn’t really care less about what people think of me now (see, I’ve grown up a bit) but it’s scary to think that there are others out there – and I have no doubt in my mind that there are – that do the exact same thing.

Social media affects our real-life relationships!

Did you know Facebook has actually been proven to break up relationships?

This is because it encourages couples to be something they’re not; putting up a lovey-dovey front in public when it isn’t what they really have or want to have.

On social media it is also too easy for us to hide our insecurities.

We make ourselves seem perfect online when in reality we are quite vulnerable.

Having people think you’re a super model on the internet and not in real life makes it too easy to escape into that fantasy world and really hard to initiate face-to-face connections and for this reason, more and more of us are not going out and living our lives the way we should.

So, my advice? Ditch your phone for a day a week (tablets, iPads and whatever else you could possibly think of is included) and go out and see the world, the real one, not the one through your screen.

What’s that joke about discovering how cool your family is after your battery dies and there’s no charger nearby?

I probably messed that up, but anyway, you catch my drift.

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Angelique Muller

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