‘Steele’ yourself for fifty shades of the same

Fifty Shades Darker, EL James, Penguin Random House, ISBN: 9781784756857

ANASTASIA Steele fled from Christian’s penthouse suite after she bore the brunt of his dark side, leaving readers on a knife-edge.

The second book picks up just a few moments after Fifty Shades of Grey and Ana is in full break-up mode, waiting for her world to crumble in on itself and wondering if she will ever move on.

Christian wants to rekindle their relationship and will stop at nothing to have her by his side.

He is willing to forgo his usual contract setup for a more intimate, real relationship.

This is new territory for the both of them and things start to look up, until Fifty’s past comes back to haunt them.

I admit that I found myself enveloped in the book and enjoyed the angle EL James took with this novel.




On the same note, there is no character development and the plot unfolds at an infuriatingly slow pace. Once I hit the halfway mark I found myself skipping the scenes that launched the trilogy into bestseller status – the sex scenes.

There is so much of it, to the point where I started rolling my eyes each time Ana’s panties were about to drop – and they drop a lot. That said, I need to read the finale, to tie this trilogy up with a neat little bow.

If you abhor skipping pages, can’t speed read and enjoy something with a bit more flesh on its bones, maybe give this one a miss.

If you’re more interested in what Christian Grey can do with his cane in his Red Room… then this is for you. -Lloyd Mackenzie


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