Claws out for alien invasive plants

A African Tulip Tree or Spathodea campanula alien invasive plant. PHOTO:

I WOULD like to thank the Highway Mail and the Hillcrest Conservancy for publishing the article about the invasive plant Cats Claw or Dolichandra unguis-cati.

I live in a complex and about a year ago we realised we had this invasive plant called Cats Claw growing in our property.

This plant was/is growing in the surrounding neighbours gardens.

There are about 50 seeds from a single pod, I counted them.

I have to pull out an average of 10 – 20 seedlings, a day. They like to hide at the base of any shrub or tree.

Once the seed starts to grow up the shrub or tree you have a problem.

The problem you have is, you have to get the bulb out which started off as a seed, if not, it will grow again and fast.

I found about eight growing up my Hibiscus shrub, it was no fun trying to get it out of the shrub.

When I look over the fence this plant is spreading like a vine over the ground and up the trees. It may have beautiful flowers but it is a major problem.

So please be aware of this invasive plant.

Very concerned garden lover


Very concerned garden lover, Kloof

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