If you have big garden problems the guys who think small have the best solutions

Whether you are a new gardener or just trying out something new in your garden, information is power when choosing how to spend money on garden supplies. Without expert knowledge on all the myriad aspects of gardening picking the right products can be daunting, and pricey. Local knowledge is best for gardening as the people who work near where your garden is situated best know the local climate and conditions.

Unlike the harried sales clerk in a big store who is expected to sell everything from pet food and toilet paper, to weed killers and planters, local garden stores often are run and staffed by those with a real enthusiasm for gardening.

Bonsai gardeners for instance are pure gold for any gardener seeking advice, even for common gardening problems. Here are three reasons why a Bonsai expert is the best person to ask about any garden problem



They work with delicate and ancient plants

If a product is being used by bonsai enthusiasts such as those who frequent the Legacy Garden and Leisure on their own trees and those in their care you can be sure it is more than up to the task to work its magic in your garden both effectively and safely.

“I tell people who ask if a product is safe for their garden. If Alan uses is on a 100 year old tree, it’s not going to kill your azaleas,” said Clynt.

“People need to feel confident in the advice the receive and who better to give advice on fertilizer and treatments than people who are using them on plants that are delicate and precious,” he explained further.



Bonsai is a long term commitment

Because of the nature of bonsai gardening you can rely on your local bonsai expert to be around for a long time.  This means you can trust them.
Also having been in the game for a long time you they have learned lessons the hard way, through trial and effort. Why not pick their brains and benefit from their long term commitment to help you with your day to day gardening activities.

Also they will be around for far longer than the guy who happens to be selling plant food or weed killer in a large store. Unlike the mass retail worker, bonsai experts will be there season after season to assist you grow as a gardener as your garden grows.



Passion for gardening

Bonsai experts know that gardening is more than just a chore. Far from being people who take short cuts, these are the people who you want to get advice from about your prized plants and precious flowers. They know first hand how much love and attention can go into cultivating a plant from a seed to a seedling and making sure it is tended with care and love.
They also know how important it is to get the work that needs to be done out of the way efficiently to allow them to focus on the creative parts of working on a garden. This means they will have developed tips and tricks which the will often be more than happy to share with you if they see you share their passion for gardening. Passionate gardeners love to talk about gardening. Just make sure you set aside enough time when popping in to benefit from their readiness to share the wealth of their knowledge.



Local is lekker

Locally there is Legacy Garden and Leisure at the Mushroom Farm, 450 Kassier Road Assagy where well known local gardening expert and horticulturalist, Alan Grant who previously managed Stoneage Garden Centre for 18 years, then Castle Bonsai in Hillcrest for another eight years before he and Clynt Levin set up Legacy Bonsai last year, can be found.

Grovida, another well known name, in the local gardening world, is also inextricably linked to the new store due to a partnership forged by Levin with Vincent Lourenco. Grovida was established by Vincent Lourenco Snr in 1980 and is now run by Vincent Jnr who proudly brings the best gardening products to both the domestic, horticultural and agricultural markets throughout the country.

With this partnership extra expertise is at the disposal of shoppers visiting the Legacy Garden and Leisure store. Vincent Snr who lives on the upper Highway shops there himself and is known to engage with customers on various topics including his passion for roses.


The store is open seven days a week. Pop in or phone 083 533 8822 for advice.

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