All bark and no bite in fantasy novel

The Tiger and the Wolf (Echoes of the Fall #1), Adrian Tchaikovsky, Pan Macmillan, ISBN: 9780230770065

Tcahikovsky weaves an intricate and detailed ancient world complete with animal shapeshifter clans and sinister characters filled with the ever-hungry need to rule.

Maniye belongs to the Wolf clan and her father, the chieftain, holds little love or esteem for her as he views her as an oddity. This cavernous split in their relationship is seen by the others and she is shunned by the pack. Maniye also holds a secret. She is not just Wolf, but also, from her mother’s side, a Tiger as well. Unwilling to shake her Tiger soul, she escapes the grip of her pack and becomes the hunted. Her father is not the only one on her tail and her world is turned upside down as she is forced into a tricky maze of dual intentions.

In a meticulously thought out world, this is a grand coming of age novel that is filled with the promise of wars, secrets and power seeking rulers. If you enjoy the fantasy setting of multiple individual cultures and deep customs and traditions then this is the book for you.

This, the first book in the Echoes of the Fall series, is what you could call a slow burn novel as it is slightly long winded and the plot and character development are not for anyone but the avid fantasy lover. Just saying. – Caitlin Walsh



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