Don’t trust Dr Google, here is some solid free health advice

Heleen and Nicole are a mother and daughter team who pride themselves in their holistic approach to the needs of their customers. “We want to offer the correct advice and follow that up with the necessary correct supplement for each individual, explains Heleen. We have so many women that come to us daily just feeling “sick or off colour”.

“Everyone wants to look and feel healthy and there are seemingly endless easy ways to improve your health from the inside out. But you need the advice and supplement that meets your particular need.”



Common mistake
“One of the most common mistakes people make is to Google and then try and find some magic supplement,” said Heleen when asked what the biggest mistake is people tend to make when choosing health products.

“The websites are often actually just marketing from the US normally,” she explained.

Heleen says people tend to try to fit the information they find by doing a google search into what is locally available. “People often come into the shop looking for a very specific product or say an amino-acid in this or that form, insisting it must contain X amount of mg because google said so.”



Technology in consulting
“We can truly assist with anything from the common cold to serious ailments,” said Heleen. A recently upgraded consulting room means they now have access to a body scanner to help pin-point any true deficiency.”

“This again allows us to really advise on which supplements are working and which are not. We will open a file for you and do a follow up every 3 months to see how the program is working for the person.”

“We can then adjust the treatment accordingly. This again allows for a personal relationship with each of our clients.”

The store is also now able to offer technology based pain treatment on an electro-pulse machine, a 15 min treatment offering instant pain relief without any discomfort.”



Exclusive products and remedies for every ailment
Health world supplies a few exclusive ranges such as The HealthPage Diabetic support product which has been on the market for almost 15 years for anyone with type one or two diabetes.

“We have an unbelievable MM Anti-Viral product that should be kept in every household in the world,” said Heleen. Other products exclusive to the store include the Health World Vegan Pea Protein which can be added to juices or smoothies and is used by many professional athletes who have provided great feedback and results.

Health World stocks a full slimming kit that comprising slimming tea, slimming capsules, detox tea and slimming drops. “This we use with a sustainable lifestyle change and we offer a free consultation to get you going. With ongoing support, we have helped many people shed the weight.”

The store’s lung and sinus products have been a lifesaver for those suffering from ongoing chest infections or chronic sinus and allergies.

Fermented foods is also stocked. “We educate as many people as we can on it,” said Heleen mentioning that Health World is also the only stockist of Mineralife liquid supplement, a fascinating range imported from the US.

Besides all the above, Nu Eco household products, Himalayan salt lamps, Goodlife organic superfoods and many more can be found at the store at Shop 4 Delcairn Centre, 14 Village Road Kloof. Alternatively phone the shop on 031 7641846 and find out how Heleen and Nicole can help you find your way to health!

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