Object to twice inflation rates’ increase

UNLESS you act fast you will find that your rates will be increasing in August by a substantial percentage.

This affects residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural properties in eThekwini.

In my view they don’t understand Mathematics in that they are intending to increase your market value in August, from what I have studied, by about 30 percent but they have also increased the rate randage with inflation as well.

So it seems instead of a 30 per cent inflation increase which would be reasonable, we can expect an increase of about 69 per cent.

Unless we complain to our councillors and write to the press these new figures will just happen.

The way to calculate your rates for the two periods is as follows: (this is for residential).

For 2012 go to www.durban.gov.za:88/propertysearch.htm.

Select full title or sectional title.

On the next page fill in the street number and street address (sectional title select the sectional title name).

Your value for 2012 will show. Take this value and subtract the rebate of R120 000 then multiply the result by 0.00976 to get your annual rates.

Divide by 12 to get your monthly rates.

For 2017 values and rates go to www.durban.gov.za:89/propertysearch.htm.

As before select full title or sectional title then on the next page fill in the address and number to get your 2017 municipal value.

Subtract the rebate of R120000. Then multiply this figure by 0.0127 to get your annual rates. Divide by 12 to get monthly rates.

In essence what has happened is that since August 2013 eThekwini has increased the rate randage factor by about 7.5 per cent each year.

Over the four years it has gone up 30.1 per cent.

However, this coming August not only will the factor increase but your new valuation will be used which will mean the increase this year will be about 37 per cent.

You can object to the new market valuation but, in my view, that is not the major problem.

The problem is that they have increased by inflation twice.

Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Dave Bennett


Dave Bennett, Westville

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