Alien plants invade Palmiet Nature Reserve

A Morning Glory or Ipomoea indica alien invasive plant. PHOTO:

I HAVE just spent a few hours in the Palmiet Nature reserve, visiting, with a lecturer, an archaeology site just across the river, under the cliff.

I have not been to the reserve for a good few years, so the sight of all the alien invasive plants was really upsetting.

Sword fern, Madiera vine loaded with tubers fat and ready to fall, Ginger plants and several plants that others in the group were complaining about as invasive.

The small bridge over the river is also gone and the slippery rocks made it difficult for the older members of the group to cross over.

The grassland at the top of the cliff is becoming woodland, which means the Faurea saligna (Boekenhout) that are at the southern edge of their range will get shaded out.

Does no one care anymore? Are the people in charge ignorant and just don’t understand?

Sad that South Africans are losing part of their heritage, without even knowing about it.

Janet Levy


Janet Levy, Westville

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