South Africa is bleeding

THE high rate of crime in South Africa is fuelled by a government that has lost control of its morale compass. This is evident by the sudden increase in suburban crime trends, some with deadly intention to kill or hurt victims.

I have attended a few home invasions in the Pinetown precinct, and the modus operandi will suggest that the aim is to feed their desire for criminal contact with their victims. Suspects claim when caught that they stole or robbed because they were hungry, that is false because why didn’t they go to a supermarket and steal a loaf of bread?

Surveillance footage on social media shows gangs of intruders now moving through communities with impunity.

Security companies, neighbourhood watches and law enforcement from SAPS K9 to Metro police, all teamed up to help overcome this scourge of attacks in all areas.

Why is the government not building houses for our communities, instead you got into bed with Guptas while we have to deal with criminal discord created by this administration. The one thing that’s missing is the role government plays in this fight against criminal attacks on our society.

Our police are overlooked for promotion, morale is low, poor decisions and bad planning all contribute to under performing stations and the list goes on and on. I can vouch that police vans are constantly breaking down or in poor condition because someone didn’t plan properly to have the vans replaced.

Criminals apply section 49 shoot to kill, as they did last week during an armed robbery, killing a cash-in-transit guard.

But if the police and the community decide to arm themselves and work as a team to fight crime at any level, then human rights activists have a lot to say about the community acting like vigilante militia patrolling the streets in the name of neighbourhood patrols and CPF armies.

I’m challenging government to listen carefully to the communities, we are not black or white we are mobilised South Africans tired of poor management and injustice.

We are far more in control than you may perceive. Our networking does not rely on government intervention and we are saying you need to partner with us not the other way round. If you do not cease with the decapitation of the land, the rape of the constitution and the South African tapestry that makes this a rainbow nation, then you will be forced to step aside at the next general election as your organisation does not have anything to grow any hope for future generations. SAPS management needs to partner with the community if we are to succeed in our plight going forward.


Superman, Pinetown

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