Happy tears as lost dog is reunited with his Pinetown owner

Brigitte Ferguson of the Kloof and Highway SPCA with Flash.

A DOG which was stolen in Pinetown was reunited with his owner after two weeks of frantic searching.

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Flash was reported stolen from a property in Pinetown on Thursday, 13 April.

Kloof and Highway SPCA marketing manager, Lisa Mörck said Brigitte Ferguson of the Kloof and Highway SPCA went outside to do a last check on the animals in the kennels before locking up for the evening.

“A dog that had just arrived in our kennels caught her eye, and was staring back at her. This dog had a very strong resemblance to another dog, Flash, that was reported stolen.”

Mörck said Flash’s owners had been frantically searching for him everywhere ever since he disappeared.

“Ferguson was so excited and ran into the reception area to find the paperwork for the dog she suspected to be Flash.”

 She said the paperwork confirmed that the dog in the kennel was signed over to the Kloof and Highway SPCA by an ‘owner’.
“At that very moment the inspector that went to collect the dog from the ‘owner’ came into the reception area and said that the gentleman had purchased the dog from someone two weeks ago in Pinetown and now no longer wanted the dog as he was fighting with his other dogs.
“By this time we were all so excited at the strong possibility that this could in fact be Flash. We then checked the dog for a microchip as Flash’s owner had microchipped him and we knew that this would confirm everything. We held our breath in great anticipation as the scanner was passed over the dog, a beeping sound rang out – the room erupted with excitement and cheers. It was indeed Flash,” explained Mörck.
There was excitement, laughter and happy tears as Kloof SPCA phoned Flash’s owner who came and fetch him right away.
Mörck said Flash was overwhelmed at first but it did not take him long to realise this was his family that had come to fetch him and take him home.


Reuniting Flash with his family was made possible because of so many factors:
– Flash’s owner had filled out a missing report with the SPCA as soon as Flash had gone missing and sent us pictures of him.
– Flash was microchipped.
-Our inspector had asked all of the correct questions when collecting the dog, getting valuable information of where the dog had come from.

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“We cannot stress again how important it is to microchip your animals and report them missing to both SPCA’s and follow the correct procedure when an animal has gone missing from your property,” added Mörck.


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