Motherhood is an everyday choice

THE profound words of Donna Ball who once said, “Motherhood is a choice you make everyday, to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own,” perfectly sums up the life of Pinetown mother, Chennie van den Berg.

The 40-year-old Ashley mother was nominated as a ‘supermom’ by her daughter who described her as a strong woman with a heart of gold.

Chennie certainly lives up to this description as she takes care of her family and many other children who she showers with her love, attention and affection on a daily basis.

The mother of two who possesses a deep passion for children owns an aftercare facility in the Pinetown area and said she draws her inspiration from the adorable littlies and teenagers she takes care of, their happy faces, warm hugs, kisses and different personalities.

When asked about motherhood and her advice to mothers and future moms, Chennie said, “I love motherhood and I can say I did a good job with my children. My advice to mothers is, teach your children the right way from a young age, so you can benefit from it later.”

Chanie-Marie van den Berg shared her reason for nominating her mom as her supermom. She said, “My mom is not only an exceptional mother to me and my little sister, but a mom to many other little ones. She never complains no matter how tired or stressed she is and will vehemently deny it even when it sometimes shows.

“She is the strongest woman I know, one who has a heart of gold. It’s always cliché to say that she is the best mother in the world, but to me and my family she is the best mother for us. I strive to be half the woman she is when I’m her age. My mom is not special… she is exceptional.”

Deshni Ramkissoon-Pillay

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