Hillcrest taxis flout ‘no stopping’ zone

EVERY day, without fail, taxis heading south along the Old Main Road in Hillcrest stop to pick up and discharge passengers in “no stopping” zones, completely closing the left-hand lane.

This is particularly common near Pick n Pay.

At peak hours it causes major traffic congestion on a very busy road. Sooner or later a ‘road rage’ incident will happen here.

Unfortunately, Metro police seem incapable of enforcing the relevant regulation.

Frustrated by being blocked for some time behind one such miscreant, I asked the gentleman behind the wheel if he was aware that this was a no stopping zone, clearly demarcated by the red line on the side of the road. The response was a finger.

We know that taxi drivers hold demonstrations when aggrieved by police impounding unroadworthy vehicles.

Is it not time that Hillcrest residents staged a demonstration of their own against taxi drivers who disregard important traffic regulations (on Old Main Road) with impunity?

Holding taxis up will reduce their income, so perhaps standing in front of offenders with a suitable banner?

An associate with a camera would be advisable.



Pepperspray, Hillcrest

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