Why are Metro Police not doing their duty?

ONCE again construction started on Campbell Street at 7am this Sunday in blatant violation of municipal bylaws.

Last time I logged a call with Metro, I was called back by the guy I spoke to originally, asking me to go and talk to the police there. I refused.

He then asked if the police could come to my house to talk to me. Again I refused. Since when is the name and address of the complainant made known?

I have asked nicely, and followed all the correct procedures, yet nothing gets done. I now demand to know why this is being allowed. Bribery? Political connections?

Why are Metro Police being derelict in their duty?

I do not care about being told to desist from my complaints. I will complain as often as I like when the law is being broken, and when Metro Police fail to do the job for which they are paid, and will keep complaining until something gets done.

Neville Matthews

New Germany



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Neville Matthews, New Germany

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