Faulty traffic lights could lead to deaths

Commuters on Richmond Road and Surprise Road in the Westmead area expressed anger and frustration as traffic in the area came to a standstill due to traffic signals not working.

The same traffic signals have been out six times in three weeks.

It appeared the electrical cables that power the signals are installed underground and contractors damage the cables which results in the power supply to traffic signals being cut off.

Added to that is the problem of cables being stolen whenever trenches are left open and cables are left exposed overnight.

I think that before digging takes place, wayleaves should be requested from the relevant department to ensure the positioning of pipes and cables are identified in advance.

I have been inundated with calls from business owners in the area complaining of the traffic congestion and the absence of traffic officers to help direct the traffic and ease congestion.

I have noticed there has been recurring problems with other traffic signals as well, across the Pinetown area.

This is a serious matter as there is a loss in productivity that very well lead to loss of lives.

I will be writing to the relevant officials to highlight these challenges and propose some solutions.

There is no policy in place to ensure that a pointsman is deployed wherever there is a faulty traffic signal.

Usually a faulty signal is reported by a member of the public and thereafter Metro police contacted and are requested to send a pointsman out to the affected area. However, based on their resources, they deploy accordingly.

I urge motorists and pedestrians to be extra careful on the road and to report all faulty traffic signals to 080 13 13 013 or email [email protected] immediately.

Marlaine Nair

DA PR Councillor for Wards 13 and 15

Lloyd Mackenzie

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