Fleeing robber hit and killed in accident

Items found on the alleged robber after he was hit by a vehicle on Field's Hill. He was fleeing from security officers who were trying to arrest him. PHOTO: Submitted.

A ROBBER’S attempt to break into a business premises in Kloof ended tragically when he was hit by a vehicle on Field’s Hill while fleeing from a security guard.

Dion Cronje, who owns 247 Security Pty Ltd, said Fields Hill Active Patrol was contacted for a break-in in progress at Hilton Place, Kloof on Sunday, 25 March at about 11am.

“I responded and found the alleged robber at the fence line where he was trying to get in. I instructed him to lie down as I wanted to cuff him but he jumped up and came towards me. I hit him with my tomfa baton and he started running down Field’s Hill towards Pinetown,” said Cronje.

Cronje said he managed to take him down at one point but had also fallen in the process.

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The robber managed to jump up quickly and started running again.

A security guard from the business premises and Cronje gave chase but by this time the robber decided to run across Field’s Hill to get away and was hit by a car.

“I immediately contacted our group to alert the authorities. The ambulance and RTI responded. A local Pinetown tow-truck driver also assisted,” said Cronje.

It is believed the robber had been arrested numerous times for house break-ins by the Manors Neighbourhood Watch.

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Deshni Ramkissoon-Pillay

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