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DID you know there is a safe target sport with no age restriction, no gender discrimination and can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their background or physical abilities?

Lawn bowls is one of the best kept secrets in sporting circles and with the current explosion in its popularity, has become also become a must among younger players.

“Whether you are looking for a recreational activity with plenty of social interaction or a fast-paced strategy-based sport offering the opportunity to achieve at the highest levels, lawn bowls is the logical choice. If you thought lawn bowls is a sedate leisure activity just for older people, you are in for a pleasant shock. It can be a game of skill and strategic tactics or simply enjoyable and relaxing – it’s up to you,” said John Hooker, the the marketing convenor for the Hillcrest Bowling Club.

With its unique character that appeals to all age groups, bowls is truly 1Sport4Life – you can start at age seven and still be enjoying it at the age of one hundred!

The Hillcrest Bowling Club, with its well-groomed greens, easy access and welcoming hospitality, invites people of all ages to visit the club behind Hirschs in Crooked Lane in Hillcrest. “Come and experience lawn bowls as a vibrant, affordable and friendly sport for the whole family,” said John.

The club will provide you with coaching for your whole family, affordable membership and most importantly, a sport which will get you out into the fresh open air with other friendly people.

Contact John Hooker now on 076 0399 422 for more information.

Lloyd Mackenzie

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