Incompetence costs time and money

On 13 June 2017 my wife, Mrs Lutchmee Kistadu, had been to the Pinetown licensing department to renew her driver’s licence. She stood in the queue from 5am and finished at 10.22am.

Prior to going, she had an eye test at our private optician. After filling out the green form, the lady at the cashiers took the green form, my wife’s ID, the certificate of the eye test from the optician and proof of address, which had my details.

The cashier said the proof of address was not sufficient and asked for proof of marriage. So, my wife gave our marriage certificate and the cashier entered those details which are mine. The marriage certificate clearly states husband and the relevant ID number and the wife’s details follow.

When I looked at the receipt on 15 June 2017, I saw my ID number and my name, not my wife’s. I suspected that the cashier had incorrectly taken the information down so I immediately called PMB RTI and spoke to Cedric Maiwe who advised I call Pinetown RIT and I spoke to the lady; she also confirmed the matter will be resolved and that I should not worry.

Today, 18 July 2017, I went back to Pinetown RTI with my wife so she can pick up her licence and we noticed that my wife’s picture is on the card with my information. When we confronted the cashier she was downright arrogant and rude to us. Blaming my wife saying that it is her fault and that my wife had given my ID to her. She then went to another room and spoke to a lady there and then called us. The woman in that room said she remembered me calling and informing about the mistake that happened and argued that she had told me to come the next day so that my wife’s thumb print could be taken.

Assuming my wife did give the cashier my ID then it still comes to her being careless, lazy and plain down stupid to look at an ID with a man’s photo and enter those details when a woman is standing in front of you.

The lady at the cashier I spoke to said she clearly remembers me calling and informing her of the incorrect details captured on a receipt and blamed me for not coming the next day to correct it; if she is in charge at the Pinetown offices she should have stopped the process of the renewal as obviously the information was wrong and she had been aware of that.

It seems the government’s money is going to waste by issuing green forms asking for our details yet they are not looked at.

Mr R Kistadu


Mr R Kistadu

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