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QUEENSBURGH NEWS has made a lot of mention regarding the menace of air rifles and the plight of monkeys.

If any owners feel there is a need to reduce the monkey over-population it is not necessary to resort to the savagery of pellets and poison.

All we need to do is obtain a pair of adult crowned eagles and let them build a nest in the back yard.

They are very territorial creatures and they seldom…more than 200 metres from their next. Since the arrival of these two in my area three months ago, I have not seen a single monkey in my yard.

They have all fled! I did partially see a monkey at 8am on the 20 July, he had joined the birds for breakfast in the nest. I did one quick photo from 80 metres.

Their completed nest is located in a blugum tree growing in the lower corners of No. 16 Oliver Leese road.

Judging from what I have seen, they gobble monkeys at the rale of one every three to four days I am quite certain that ‘monkey’ is not the only meal in their diet, but don’t believe my two cats are in any dangers ­ they wisely remain indoors during the day. But there are other pets in the are who might not be so lucky.

Both eagles carry red bracelets around their ankle, which prove something or the other – I do not know what. Perhaps they have … from the North park reserve? I am quite happy that they are here. It is an awesome sight to watch them go about their daily routine.

The bricks domain extends to Pioneer road in the west and Dilkoosh in the South.

They do not remain in any one tree for longer than 10 minutes, and are easy to spot.

Ken Price


Khethukuthula Lembethe-Xulu

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