Review corner: Debut novel is one mad, enjoyable ride

Mad. Mad. Mad. Imagine, if you could, a main character who is completely unlikeable, has minimal redeeming qualities and continuously makes the worst decisions.

This book was akin to watching a natural disaster but morbid human curiosity had me reading on to see the destruction unfold.

This is the first installment of the Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know trilogy by Esposito and she does not kid around.

Alvie, the heroine – I use this term loosely – decides to visit her twin sister, Beth, in Italy.

Beth is the perfect, rich and utterly horrible twin.

Alvie is a hot mess most of the time and she has unknowingly stumbled into a plot like no other.

Her ridiculous decision making skills, constantly drunken stupor are a recipe for disaster and soon murder and mayhem explode across the novel’s pages.

The reader is pulled into an unbelievable world of blasé killings and a grand prize of millions up for the taking. It is a truly fascinating novel that may leave you feeling slightly insane near the end, as you soon realise you’re rooting for the hated main character.

The suspense for the second book is too much and you may truly go ‘mad’ during the wait.


Mad – Chloé Esposito – Penguin Random House ISBN: 9780 7181 85701



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