What to do about monkey menace escalation?

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WHILE I am totally against random shooting or the uncontrolled poisoning of monkeys, I find the current situation is becoming totally unacceptable and would appreciate any input and advice which would dissuade the unwelcome animals invading and creating mess and damage on, and in, my property.

I fully accept that property development has probably eaten into their natural habitat and space, but from the packs of adults and inordinate numbers of young now appearing, at times, several times daily it is clear that the restrictions on culling are allowing them to breed in an uncontrolled fashion; hence they produce young at an alarming rate.

I believe the situation begs the question: “If one can contain and reduce the numbers of rats, mice and mosquitos then why not monkeys?”

I have lived in my area for more than 40 years and it was not until less than 10 or so years ago that monkeys first began to appear. Now raids can occur, a number of times daily, dustbins are emptied, bird tables upturned, fruit trees are damaged and fruit is taken from the trees.

The fruit, whether it be an orange, pawpaw or avocado is without exception discarded after one bite only, which clearly indicates that extreme hunger is not the driving force.



Pestered, Gillitts

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