Noise pollution damages Earth

ON Saturday night there was a shooting incident in Hillcrest, involving an excessively noisy car. From the outset I must state that I do not condone violence of any kind.

However, it is my personal opinion that Metro Police need to get involved in removing these noisy cars from the road and if necessary confiscating them.

I recently visited Forest Hills and was unable to carry on a conversation outside, as some selfish individual was revving a motorbike a few houses away.

Regrettably he/she never blew the motor.

Leaving Forest Hills a vehicle was racing down the road making considerable noise, and I can understand that living under these conditions daily must take its toll, particularly when there are also numerous wild animals and birds in this particular area.

With all this noise pollution can you imagine the damage to the Earth. It’s high time Metro takes control of this situation.

Anti noise

Durban North

Anti noise, Durban North

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