Feminine success – a bridge to equality

Great role model, Samkelo Xulu seeks to restore the dignity of women through success and independence.

THIS Women’s Month will go down again in history as a reminder that women were once devalued and subjected to unimaginable abuse – nevertheless, there are those who overlook these challenges and stand firm.

Women’s month is a celebration of what women did to shape the present day and the future, and given what they have been through, one may wonder if the 1965 struggle had been in vain.

Samkelo Xulu (right), a young businesswoman, health and wellness coach, speaker, exercise specialist and events planner is an inspiration to many.

Her work does not only encourage women to value themselves but to be independent.

“Being in management roles for four of the five years I gained a lot of experience running a business, from the business acumen side, to the operations, planning, speaking and interpersonal skills. So a year ago I reached the ceiling in the company I worked for and decided to start my own company and today I move from glory to glory,” said Xulu.

With gender inequality still drawing a line between what men or women can do – Xulu said women had one thing left, a ‘choice’ to determin their destiny.

“Men will be restored from what they are when women understand what their role is and start becoming real women,” she said.

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“Violence is wrong whether you are a man or woman but since women are usually the victims, they are the priority, and most men abuse women because they know that they cannot fight back,” said Masithembe Mgulwa (a liberated man concerned for women).

While so much is blamed on individuals, the biggest enemy of justice is the social influence and the wrong information passed on from one generation to the next.

Our cultural beliefs and customs play a big role in how most men treat women.

“It’s not about what women can do, but it’s something that men need to sit down and discuss, because it’s them who abuse us and therefore, should bring change that’s going to make a difference,” said Londeka Shozi (student).

“It’s recognition of some of the challenges and strengths that we may be subscribed to from birth and the dynamics of the world we live in.

“If you can stand and rise against all odds, all logic and understanding I believe that speaks volumes about the strength of your heart and mind.”


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