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REGARDING the monkey problem; these misunderstood creatures are yet another result of human interference.

Over the last two decades, development has deprived them of much of their habitat.

The tree canopy which is their natural highway, has been decimated confining them to ever smaller areas.

Initially people are often tempted to feed them, once they see your house as a source of easy food they will include it in their daily foraging excursions.

Although it seems wasteful when monkeys bite into fruit then throw it to the ground, this was nature’s way of making the fruit accessable to animals on the ground.

If you see a group of feeding baboons or monkeys when in a reserve, there is often a group of antelope under the tree, taking advantage of this. I don’t recall that monkeys eat oranges but perhaps I am mistaken.

If you are able to obtain small crackers like those in Christmas crackers, tie them onto a broomstick (which they mistake for a gun), then point the “gun” and pull the cracker; this solved the problem for us and we keep all our doors and windows open throughout the day.

Good luck. Monkey sympathiser.

Christine Dench

Highway area

Christine Dench, Highway area

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