Queensburgh Assessment Centre



Queensburgh & Isipingo Assessment Centre provides a multidisciplinary and holistic approach in assessing and treating both paediatric and adult patients.

Audiologist Shivani Singh works with both children including newborns, and adults. Her role is assessing and managing hearing and balance disorders, tinnitus (noises in the ear) and the supply and fitting of hearing aids. 0314645531

Educational psychologist Sandhya Mahabeer works with children ranging from three years to university students.  Treatment offered includes behaviour therapy, scholastic assessment, family counselling, individual psychotherapy for emotional problems, subject choices and career counselling. 0845273015

Speech language therapist Devani Murugas works with both paediatrics and adults. Devani assesses and provides intervention for all communication disorders. She is also certified in feeding and swallowing disorders. 0312713211

Dr Alan K Naidoo runs The Malvern Travel Clinic which offers a variety of immunisation services, including routine vaccinations and travel vaccinations. The clinic is authorised to administer yellow fever vaccines. Services are in high demand during travel seasons. Plan to book your travel appointment at least four weeks prior to travel. 0319025754

Keri Pillay owns File & Style Nail & Hair Salon.  Keri is passionate about giving quality and affordable service to her nail and hair clients.   0712634840

The Firm Slimming & Health Clinic is focused on a long-term weight management programme. 0318379061