What is Biolink?

BioLink provides concentration and behaviour control exercises through EEG technology for all, but with special focus on sport, ADHD and scholastic improvement.


How does it work?

Biolink makes use of electroencephalography (EEG) neurofeedback. It is an operant-conditioning training technique that helps individuals learn to concentrate more effectively and for longer periods when doing simple tasks like reading or boring tasks (as in school). The main aim of these exercises is to improve concentration. Biolink makes use of Play Attention hardware and software and is the sole provider of Play Attention on the African continent. Play Attention has been used in three large studies on ADHD which showed huge improvements on many aspects of ADHD.

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In order to measure improvement, a FOCUS test is administered before and after a series of training sessions. FOCUS was co-developed by a team consisting of psychologists, teachers and software engineers of Afriforte (Economic Science Faculty Potchefstroom University) and Biolink itself.



Phone: Candice Wilson on 082 871 2751