Top tips to avoid a smash-and-grab

“Never leave valuable items on the seat next to you where they are clearly visible to anyone walking past your vehicle. Put it underneath your seat, in the glove box or lock it away in your boot of the vehicle,” – Fidelity ADT.

Plant indigenous trees

Lindsay Gray on behalf of Hillcrest Conservancy will produce weekly articles regarding the various indigenous small trees that you can plant in your garden.

Pregnant Vervet monkeys are at risk

Statistics show that Monkey Helpline rescuers and assistant rescuers attended to 151 monkeys, of which 70 were motor vehicle related, 18 were attacked by dogs, and 16 died as a direct result of being shot with lead pellets from air guns.

Help Santa fill those shoeboxes

Sportman, Greg Bertish has partnered with the Santa Shoebox Project to make Christmas special for underprivileged children.

Old Girls fulfil St Mary’s legacy

A group of past St Mary’s DSG learners hosted a fund-raiser that raised R90 000 for the St Mary’s Foundation Trust.

Durban Storm wreaks havoc at CROW

The CROW clinic remains a hive of activity as animals are treated in their temporary enclosures in the clinic.