Provide sensible solution to monkey problem

The domestic dog remains the sole noteworthy predator of the monkey, but we now all have tall burglar-proof fences surrounding our properties, which function in favour of the monkey – not the dog.

What is happening with our orange recycle bags?

“Throughout the year this area has not received its allocated quota from the company that is mandated to provide us ratepayers with these bags.”

Crime pays, people helpless

“Well, life will go on in a country were crime is credited for creating jobs.”

We will miss Daniel, our brother

“We are all so sad and will miss the happy-go-lucky and kind man that he was. My son will miss him more than anyone, I think.”

Who destroyed “Welcome Kloof’ sign

“This is an iconic sign and has welcomed people to Kloof for more than 20 years.” – Paolo Candotti, Kloof Conservancy chairman.

Monkey business causes havoc

“The monkeys however are destroying and eating everything I plant.”