Cawood Academy

Cawood Academy is a small private school catering for a wide scope of children, ranging from gifted to autistic. All children need special attention and we pride ourselves in developing each individual’s unique talents whilst remediating their developmental delays or extending them accordingly.

Small classes enable the staff the unique opportunity of identifying problems and rectifying them quickly. Our Foundation Phase learners develop at individual paces and are given frequent short breaks to get rid of excess energy and rejuvenate their minds. All learners participate in Woodwork and Skills classes.

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The children are nurtured and are free to be children at school. Break-times see children aged 5 to 13 playing and interacting happily together.

Our school pets add a unique touch. The children are taught to handle our pets with respect and love. In return, it is not unusual to see a dog on a child’s lap (who is at an emotional low) or a cat sitting in a window sill in a teacher’s classroom, basking in the sun.

Cawood Academy is a “home-away-from-home”! The building is homely and inviting and we keep our classrooms cosy and interesting.

When mainstream schooling is not sufficient……Cawood Academy is your best choice!


Email address:  [email protected]  Phone number: 031 765 8288