Durban Preparatory High School

Established in 1910, DPHS celebrated its Centenary in 2010. The school’s unique approach to best practice for boys has evolved over the decades as the result of a passionate and caring contribution from generations of teachers, staff, parents and old boys. Today, Durban Prep is a school steeped in tradition, with committed and talented educators providing quality education in impressive facilities. A core value at DPHS is that every boy must have equal access to every learning opportunity.

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Regardless of ability, all boys at DPHS are encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities offered at the school. While many schools encourage participation, what makes this century-old school unique, is its commitment to boys’ schooling and a balanced academic, cultural and sporting curriculum. It is progressive, fresh and challenging in approach, bringing out the best in each boy and promoting the development of self-discipline, intrinsic motivation, tenacity and resilience of character. And in no other way is this better demonstrated by the legendary Grade 7’s last bell on their final day at Prep, after which of course… better fortune follows.


Durban Preparatory High School

99 Gordon Road Durban 4001

031 312 2154