Foundations for Learning

Foundations for Learning provides a stimulating, relaxed, nurturing, secure and warm, loving atmoshpere where the children can confidently learn and be happy.


We strive for the children to experience a feeling of personal security and worth.


Foundations for Learning offer a wide range of activities including Speech & Drama, Top Chef, Green Fingers, Monkeynastics and arts for the individual intersts and abilities of each child, while at the same time, encouriging logical thinking as well as  reasoning skills and creativity.

Foundation 1
Foundation 2
Foundation 3

Our friendly educators are warm and entusiastic people who enjoy working with children and their development.


Our responsibility lies in creating a warm, intimate and trusting encounter between ourselves and the chidren.  Building and working to create a feeling of mutual trust, common understanding & unconditional acceptance of each other.

We can be contacted on 031 708 5243 / 072 889 1813

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