Hillcrest High School

Hillcrest High School has achieved over 40 years of excellence in serving our local community, providing exceptional physical and social environments in which all learners have the opportunity to become the best they can be academically, culturally, socially and in sport. We are committed to exploring alternatives and innovations, improving how we do what we do continuously, all the while maintaining our focus on the success of our learners. We aim to be at the leading edge of integrating technology into teaching and learning, as well as into leading, managing and operating our school. We invest in HONOUR (developing character and leadership) and HARD WORK (academically, culturally and in sport), so we can SERVE and influence (our communities) positively.

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This is captured succinctly in our school slogan: Where Good Results. Our five pillars of Academics, Sport, Culture, Community Service and Leadership are aimed at giving students opportunities, to develop and excel holistically. We had another outstanding Matric pass-rate in 2016 with 192 of our 194 students who wrote the National Senior Certificate examination having passed, giving us a pass rate of 98,96%. No fewer than four students achieved a full house of 7 A’s. Our curriculum and educational policies reflect our efforts to keep abreast of the changing needs and attitudes of society and are aimed at affording students the opportunity to become well-adjusted and well-equipped young adults, who are able to meet and cope with the challenges of our dynamic society. Our balanced and co-educational approach helps students to be well adjusted to the real world, developing their skills and character – life is, after all, co-educational. Our theme for 2017 is ‘If it is to be, It is up to me’. Not everyone can come first, but everyone can aim to do their very best and achieve their best results in everything that they do. We hope our students will rise to this challenge during 2017 and decide to make the most of the resources and opportunities that are at their disposal.  We wish all members of the school community a happy and successful year.