Inclusion Matters

Inclusion Matters is an education consultancy with a difference. With a special interest in children who have learning disabilities, we work with parents and schools to make learning less challenging. At Inclusion Matters we believe that every child can learn when they are given the right tools and accommodations to do so. Our experienced tutors work alongside a highly-qualified remedial teacher to ensure that your child receives tuition that is of the highest calibre. We offer educational assessments at a reasonable cost to determine what support your child needs, and provide useful advice to parents and schools. At Inclusion Matters we believe in the power of schools to promote tolerance through the inclusion of children with differences. We specialise in assisting schools with the implementation of inclusive education and provide teachers with the ongoing support that they need in order to provide the highest standard of education in their classrooms.

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Whether your child needs the services of a qualified tutor who understands their individual needs, you are a parent who is worried about their child, or you are a school striving to provide the best support for your students, Inclusion Matters has a solution for you!

For more information call Jolene on 083 665 2740 or email [email protected]