Training future designers


Sizanani, Academy of Sewing and Design, which is situated in central Pinetown, is ensuring that its vision to provide skills training to the community, continues to be a reality.


Each year, students register with this NPO so that they can learn how to sew and make patterns.  Once they have completed the one-year course, they are encouraged to work from home using their skills to do alterations; sewing linen or cushions; making school uniforms, pencil bags and book bags; and designing clothing for children and adults.

Sizanani 1
Sizanani 2
Sizanani 3

Current students will be displaying their skills at a Year-end Fashion Show on Saturday 2 December 2017 at 9.00 a.m. at Pinetown Methodist Church.  All are welcome to purchase a ticket for this event.


Registration for 2018 is open, and prospective students can contact Sizanani for further information. Students of all ages are welcome to register, and there is no need for a matric qualification to learn how to sew.  Contact Sizanani by telephone – 031 7027 357; through the facebook page – Sizanani Academy of sewing and design; or visit us at Pinetown Methodist Church, Church Lane, Pinetown.