Thomas More

Thomas More College is an exceptional school. 2016 IEB matric results were outstanding. 241 distinctions were obtained by the 125 matriculants and 51% of the symbols earned were either A’s or B’s. The 100% pass rate and average subject mark of 70.29% show that this is an outstanding academic institution. We celebrate excellence and hard work and not just talent. It is our aim to get the best out of every child, whatever their ability.

Every child is loved and encouraged to discover, explore and express his/her unique, God-given talent. This is a “School for all Seasons” and children are encouraged to become involved in sporting and cultural pursuits. The school competes on the highest level against the top schools in the province.

We believe passionately in the benefits of co-education. Boys and girls interact naturally in a way that prepares them socially for an adult world.

The grades stretch from crèche to matric which brings a special feel. For most families we are the “one school”. This is a tremendous convenience in these busy times.

We invite you to our beautiful campus.

Choose the right school today so your child can enjoy greater choice tomorrow.