Westville Senior Primary

Since its establishment in March 1935, Westville Senior Primary School has developed a reputation as a centre of high quality holistic education. Nestled in the beautiful leafy suburb of Westville, the school provides an ideal environment for learning. Our passionate, skilled, informed and well-equipped teaching staff ensure that the excellent quality of learner-centred education delivered continues to make us a highly sought after school where every learner is provided with opportunity for individual growth.

Their belief is that by providing a values driven holistic education, children develop into balanced, perceptive and reasoning members of society who will successfully be able to cope with the expectations of high school, as well as the challenges of life. The school emphasises the value of an integrated academic and co-curricular programme in developing the individual and promoting unity within a context of diversity.


A WSPS education provides opportunities for growth in academic, cultural, service and sporting fields, as well as developing leadership potential, tolerance, self-esteem and confidence.

A constructive and positive relationship with parents in the interests of the personal development of their children, and support for School and Governing Body initiatives, help make our community based school an institution of proven education excellence.

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